Our Account Specialists set our success machine in motion by setting quality time and day appointments for our Regional Program Administrators to meet with small & medium-sized business owners. Tap offers our merchant-clients a tremendous value proposition, and that’s reflected in everything we do in the CCC. Honesty, Integrity, and Quality are an important part of every call we make.

For experienced telephone professionals, our CCC represents an unparalleled opportunity to maximize their earning potential and professional growth. We offer paid training and a proven support process to help ensure success. If you have experience, an ambition to succeed, and a commitment to integrity and excellence, TAP TEXT Marketing represents the pinnacle of contact center opportunities.

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Along with the Contact Center, our Regional Program Administrator's are the driving force behind Tap Technology's success. These are hand picked, highly trained sales people that are generously compensated for their hard work.

We invest the time and resources into our RPA's to ensure their success out in the field. By the time they're done with our 2-3 week training process our sales people are ready to hit the field and start acquiring new business.

With 2-4 qualified appointments per day, our RPA's main concern is closing deals. So if you're tired of cold calling or prospecting for leads this may be the job for you. With dedicated customer services reps, processing managers, and sales managers, we provide a full team of support to help take care of the rest.

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